Water Tower Stony Ridge
Mining Co.

24787 Luckey Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551  
at Stony Ridge KOA.  
Non-campers are always welcome.

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Our KOA Campground

Imagine it's 1870. You're on a train heading out West, passing over the Mississippi, through the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains
and finally heading up into mining hills of Californ-ee. You reach the old mining town of Stony Ridge and make your way by donkey
to one of the mountain streams above the town. Once there you find a spot along the rushing water and begin to screen for treasures and gemstones...... Ruby

Now you can experience the fun of old time prospecting in 21st century Toledo Ohio , except you don't need a donkey. We have recreated that old mining feeling at the Stony Ridge Mining Company. We sell bags of mining rough (sand and minerals) in 4 different sizes and types (gemstones, fossils or a combination) ranging in price from $5 to $9. We provide the sluice and the mining screens. Each bag contains a variety of nuggets, gems or fossils. The gemstones can include emerald, amethyst, jasper, labradorite, moonstone, agate, garnet, ruby and lots more. The fossils can range from gastopods to sharks teeth to trilobites, (even dino poop). There are over 40 gems and 30 fossils and arrowheads in all.

We are located at Stony Ridge KOA just outside of Stony Ridge, Ohio. Campers and non-campers are welcome. Our address is 24787 Luckey Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551. The gem mine is open April 15 to October 31, daily. The store opens at 9am staring Apr 1. We close at 8 pm. Come see us for a fun gem mining experience for kids of all ages.